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A Collection of Gaming Quotes

The Riyindor Campaign

Our first foray into D&D 5.0

The Quest Begins

November 18, 2017

Rob: Seasonal banditry.

Sean: Is it farmland or cattle-land?
Jared[GM: Both,actually.
Sean: They plant cows.

Kris: Draw my sword.
Jared [GM]: Drama sword?

Sean: We know you wanted a knife; we brought you back 8 statues and a dead dude.

Jared [GM]: After an hour, the priest lays his hands on Mokudo and --
Rob: Nothing happens. Then he takes the money and runs.

On the Road Again

December 30, 2017

Jared: He [Mokudo] kicked him, but that's it.
Rob: So he has a bruised something.
Sean: Possibly ego.

Sean: I miss that guy. Does the wind put out the torch?

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