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A Collection of Gaming Quotes

What is This?

This is a pretty small but exciting set of gaming quotes from games I've been in. My collections of quotes throughout sessions have been highlights of the games, including some games where the session couldn't start until last game's quotes were read.

I've been collecting gaming quotes for over 20 years, ranging in a variety of games, from D&D to Vampire to Star Wars.

Most Recent Quotes

Jared's Newest D&D Campaign, 11.18.17

Rob: Seasonal banditry.

Sean: Is it farmland or cattle-land?
Jared[GM: Both,actually.
Sean: They plant cows.

Kris: Draw my sword.
Jared [GM]: Drama sword?

Sean: We know you wanted a knife; we brought you back 8 statues and a dead dude.

Jared [GM]: After an hour, the priest lays his hands on Mokudo and --
Rob: Nothing happens. Then he takes the money and runs.

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