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Riyindor: World in Peril

The Quest Begins
November 18, 2017

Rob: Seasonal banditry.

Sean: Is it farmland or cattle-land?
Jared[GM: Both,actually.
Sean: They plant cows.

Kris: Draw my sword.
Jared [GM]: Drama sword?

Sean: We know you wanted a knife; we brought you back 8 statues and a dead dude.

Jared [GM]: After an hour, the priest lays his hands on Mokudo and --
Rob: Nothing happens. Then he takes the money and runs.

On the Road Again
December 30, 2017

Jared: He [Mokudo] kicked him, but that's it.
Rob: So he has a bruised something.
Sean: Possibly ego.

Sean: I miss that guy. Does the wind put out the torch?

We Reach Oakwell!
February 11, 2018

Meta-Torkuhm: You could skin one and wear it as a disguise.
Meta-Nissa: Wait, how much bigger than me are they?
Meta-Hymnia: Wait, are you legititmately considering this? I may need to go be sick in a corner.

Rob: How are traps dealt with?
Brian: Put foot in, get hurt.

Brittany: Does anyone need extra hitpoints? I could cast heroism.
Brian: Remember we are fighting kobolds which hate you.
Brittany: Yeah.... Oh! Wait! Maybe I need that!

This Is A Good Plan. I'm Proud To Be A Part Of This Plan.
June 2, 2018

Kris: The Bookwyrms and the Bard. That's the name of my new cover band.
Brittany: Who are you covering?
Kris: I don't know yet.

Nissa: Who doesn't know Fernox?

Nissa: Hey! Hey! Hey guys! Hey! Hey guys! I got a lead on the guy! From a guy!
Torkum: Which guy?
Nissa: Fernox!
Everyone, in unison: You got a lead on Fernox?!

About the Game

Our first foray into D&D 5th Edition! Jared decided it was time to run a campaign again and we're all stumbling our way through.

Jared is big on world-building, so right now what we know is limited.  It is a water-based world, with dozens of continents spread across its surface. Its name comes from Elvish, meaning “scattered lands”.

Torkuhm is local to Gundara, from the mountainous region know as The Spires. The climate for most of this continent is temperate, though there are some extremes. Cold Crab Point, at the northern tip, is consistently cold throughout the year. The desert at the southern tip, which contains a bowl of land known as the Devil's Basin, is mostly blazing hot days and freezing cold nights. Cold Crab Point is where the game started.

Leszan was raised and studied at Cloudreach, located on the eastern side of the continent Garharge. Garharge has a warm climate, and snow is rarely seen except on high peaks (like Cloudreach). Garharge is southwest of Gundara. Port Angela – the closest port to Cloudreach – is approximately 2300 miles from Cold Crab Point.

Mokudo and Hymniaell's monastery was located on Vexoran Peak, tallest of the Walhangran range of mountains, on the continent of Naticasun. This continent has a temperate climate. Naticasun is located far south of Gundara. Hermell Harbor is approximately 6000 miles from Cold Crab Point.

Thayil and Nissa hail from the continent of Lenelind. There is a large wood elf town there, named Tar'el. It is located in the forested center of the continent, south of the Mineat Mountains. Port Iree lies to the northwest, and Port Perille to the Southeast. Iree is the larger of the two ports, with a varied population. Perille, the smaller port, is largely operated, populated, and visited by elves. Lenelind is southeast of Naticasun. Port Iree is approximately 6500 miles from Cold Crab Point.

We all work for Malcolm, who sends us out on missions collecting rare and unusual artifacts and items of historical significance.

Who's Who

  • Jared: The GM
  • Sean: Torkuhm
  • Kris: Hymniaell
  • Brian: Leszan
  • Roland: Mokudo
  • Rob: Thayil
  • Brittany: Nissa