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What is This?

This is a pretty small but exciting set of gaming quotes from games I've been in. My collections of quotes throughout sessions have been highlights of the games, including some games where the session couldn't start until last game's quotes were read.

I've been collecting gaming quotes for over 20 years, ranging in a variety of games, from D&D to Vampire to Star Wars.

Most Recent Quotes

Star Fantasy April 2018

Roberto: I got an old Z-95 Headhunter I can give you cheap.
Azura: I don't like the name.
Roberto: I got a Z-95 SparkleBunny. Give me a moment to repaint it.

Roberto: Kate! We're against Canada now!

Kate: I'm in too much pain to be angry about anything but my teeth right now.

Lori: Zhang!
Roberto: Yes.
I'm on a lot of drugs and this is soft.
Zhang: Good to see the drugs are working Uncle Lucian.

Roberto: You made Lori snarf coffee, you asshole.

Meta-Zhang: You were upset you weren't a doctor so I got you an honorary medical degree.
Meta-Xsol: From Oxford? Where's that?
Uncle Lucian says it's a very good medical school where he's from so Egypt?

Kris: I could lick Kate.
Roberto: I would pay good money to see that.
Kris: How much?
Roberto: One dollar.
[Kris gets up and walks into the kitchen, followed by Roberto. Kris licks Kate's shoulder.]

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